This Story of Miraculous Twins Born in Bubble-Wrap Will Leave You Speechless

The miracles of science can sometimes be overwhelming.

This is a story of a family that had not only one scientific miracle, but two. In this day and age, the inability to conceive is an unfortunately common occurrence. But it is also fortunate that we now have the science to help parents conceive when they might not have been able to in previous times.

AJ Beckett-Longstaff and Stacy Gray had one child together, but really wanted to continue to grow their family – but had trouble conceiving. So they turned to in vitro fertilization, which was successful in giving them two babies!

At 24 weeks of gestation, this is only 2 weeks past the stage that is considered “unviable” – 22 weeks. So going into labor at this point is very dangerous, and can cause serious complications even resulting in the death of the babies. On top of that, “multiples” are considered at higher risk anyway, because they are usually born premature and have a smaller birth weight. So when Stacy went to the hospital thinking she had an infection only to find out that she was 2 centimeters dilated and going into labor, was a terrifying ordeal to say the least.

The doctors did the best they could to keep her from having the children, but were only successful for another 5 days. When the twins were born (Fletcher, then Isabelle) they were only at 24 weeks of gestation, and were at a very increased risk of having trouble growing. But that’s when the doctors did some serious “science-magic” and decided to wrap the babies in bubble-wrap to keep them warm. Although they were already in incubators, the bubble wrap helps to mimic the womb in that it keeps warmth close to the body, giving the babies another form of insulation inside the already cozy incubator.


When the babies were born, Fletcher weighed in at 1 pound 8 ounces, and Isabelle at 1 pound 7 ounces.

After their birth, there were multiple setbacks and they were in critical condition needing constant care for many months – but eventually came home as happy healthy babies.

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Who would have thought… all thanks to bubble wrap…


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