This Special Education Teacher Thoughtfully Included Each and Every One of Her Six Students In Dream Wedding

When planning the wedding ceremony of her dreams, this special education teacher just couldn’t picture it without her “kids” there.

Kinsey French was about to marry her prince charming and middle school sweetheart, Josh. The couple met at the tender age of 14 after attending the same private school. Their ‘puppy love’ eventually blossomed into a true fairy tale. Before they knew it, wedding bells were calling their names!


The 25-year-old Louisville resident truly adored her job. As a special education teacher, French worked with 7 to 11-year-old children diagnosed with Down Syndrome as infants. She fell in love with her class almost instantly.


Even Josh understood the kids’ presence in the teacher’s life. His marriage proposal even included them! Afterwards, it only made sense for the class to participate in the actual wedding ceremony as well.


“When I told Josh that I wanted my students to be a part of the wedding, he was totally supportive and so excited to include them in the special day,” French says.

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