This Pup Won’t Settle for “Man’s Best Friend”-He Prefers the Company of 8 Birds and a Hamster

This golden retriever took the internet by storm after his friendship with a hamster and eight birds ruffled a few feathers.

As a golden retriever, Bob refuses to settle as just “man’s best friend.” He prefers the company of eight birds and a hamster instead. Luis High Junior of Sao Paulo, Brazil lovingly adopted the four-month-old pup shortly before the addition of his cockatiel and parakeet. The animals became instantly inseparable.

Since then, the family has grown by seven more. Six winged friends as well as a hamster joined the happy clan, living side-by-side. The proud owner ruffled some feathers after posting photos of the group’s adventures throughout the city. Trips to the park, playdates outside, and afternoon cuddle sessions are only some of their daily activities.

Wait till you see the rest of these adorably cute images breaking the internet!

The animals do need their rest…


…and lots of it.


Nap time is followed by aggressive stares…waiting for lunch.


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Then, a trip to the baseball field is in order!


After the game, the buddies decide an afternoon cuddle break couldn’t hurt.


Time to soak in the golden rays before heading home…


to this adorable view…