This Nurse Couldn’t Conceive – Then a Dying Mother Asks Her to Take Her Son

Sometimes blessings come from the most unexpected places. Out of even the worst circumstances and the worst stories, positive things can be born from the ashes. Tricia Somers was given the news that she had terminal liver cancer in the spring of 2014. She immediately began to worry only about her eight year old son, Wesley, and who would care for him.

Somers’ parents had died earlier the year before, and she did not have any family that was capable of caring for her son. That’s when the universe, or God, (whichever you prefer) dropped the right person straight into her lap. Tricia Seaman became her nurse, and the two Tricia’s quickly became friends. When Somers’ was supposed to be discharged from the hospital, she took that day and asked Seaman if she would care for her son after her death. At first Seaman was completely taken aback. It seemed like such a strange request from someone that she barely knew. But she was also extremely interested in having children, and she was unable to become pregnant.

Seaman and her husband were in the process of becoming approved to be foster parents, and were looking into adoption in order to grow their family. She said that she knew the moment that Somers’ asked her, that it was meant to be, but she didn’t want to rush it. She asked Somers’ to think about it, to come take a tour of her home and hang out with her family in order to make sure that it seemed like a good place for Wesley to live. They essentially went through the entire interview process. Somers’ was completely satisfied and believed that it was the best option for Wesley to go to a home where he would be loved. It was also just a very bizarre coincidence that they not only had the same first name, but the same initials (TS).


Seaman and her husband had recently been approved to be adoptive parents, and also have a three teenage daughters and a 10 year old son. Somers was put into hospice care not long after the two had decided that it would be a good option for Wesley after her death. The chemotherapy used to treat her cancer left her weak and unable to walk. That’s when the Seaman’s really stepped up and showed Somers that they were already family, not just taking in Wesley after her death. They convinced Somers to move into their house where they could help take care of her and Wesley, since she was no longer able to consistently get Wesley to school. There, she died surrounded by people who loved her, and the family that would continue to love her son after her death.


What a sweet story!


Watch a video of this sweet family below.

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