This Monkey Decided He Wanted a Friend – So He Adopted This Puppy

Sometimes the best stories are the ones that are unexpected. For example, this cute little monkey who was apparently feeling lonely and decided he wanted a friend. So he found one in a puppy that was struggling on the streets!


In Erode, Southern India, this rhesus monkey formed an unnatural bond with a street dog. They travel everywhere together, with the monkey even feeding the puppy before feeding himself!


The monkey seems to think that the puppy is its own baby, as it can be seen feeding, bathing, and caring for it! He even protects the small puppy from the other street dogs that may try to harm it. The monkey picks fleas off the puppy in the middle of the street!


As the monkey travels around town, he holds the puppy like a baby with the puppy holding on for dear life as the monkey runs and jumps from trees! When the monkey and puppy are given food, the monkey steps back and watches the puppy eat, protecting him, before the monkey steps up to eat!

There’s no real explanation for why the pair seem to be so devoted to each other, but even without an understanding, the two have been entertaining and being loved by the community for a while now. There is some fear that they will be separated by the forest department, but until then, the pair will continue to love each other for a while yet.

What a pair of cuties!

Photos: Sanjay Pandey