This Mom was Told She Needed to Have an Abortion. Instead, She Had a Miracle.

There is nothing scarier to a pregnant mom than to hear that something could potentially be wrong with your baby. It’s even worse to hear that the chance of having a healthy baby that survives is less than 15%.


Nadine Shelley was 23 weeks pregnant when she was told by doctors that she should have an abortion. She had been trying to stay healthy since week 17, when she found out during a routine ultrasound that she barely had any amniotic fluid around her son. This was extremely dangerous, and that’s when the talks began.

Shelley decided against the abortion, and was willing to do whatever it took to help her son survive. From week 17 she was told her only other option was to try and keep the little baby in the womb as long as possible to give him the best chance he could. At the end of week 22 Nadine was admitted to the hospital. At week 27, she gave birth to little baby Brayden.


That was six months ago. Although Brayden had to stay in the NICU for three months following his birth, his mom wrote a post on Facebook in a “Harry Potter” themed post, calling Brayden “The Boy who Lived.”

In the post, Nadine talked about the struggle to make a decision, the fear that she experienced, and the fact that she knows not everyone agrees with her decision not to abort and that people all feel differently about it, but explained the every decision that was made was to give Brayden the best chance he could.

Brayden is currently still on oxygen at home, and he will also require some physical therapy going forward. But for Nadine and her husband, she believes it is fully worth it to have her son here with her. Although she did not die for her son, she did risk her health to have him safely. And although he isn’t a wizard, he will always be her very own, “Boy Who Lived.”


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