This Man Lost His Wedding Ring, but Later Found It on a Carrot!

Sometimes the things you’ve been looking for are in the weirdest and most unexpected places.

An 82 year old man from Germany lost his wedding ring 2 years before his wife died. An avid gardener, he figured it had fallen off when he was doing some work in his garden, but was unable to find it. He had seen that it was missing just days after his 50th wedding anniversary with his wife. She was always optimistic that it would turn up, but after her death he simply didn’t worry about it or think he would ever see it again.


One day while he was tending to his carrots in the garden, he noticed something odd about one of the carrots. It was misshapen, almost as if it had grown around something trying to strangle it. That’s when he saw a familiar twinkle. His wedding ring was on the carrot, and the carrot had just grown around it, saving it for the day when he would pick the fully grown carrot!


It was like a sign from his wife. And according to the German man, “You reap what you sow.” The sweet man and his family were all very glad that the ring ended up turning up, even if it was in a way that no-one ever could have imagined! Well, from what we can see, he sowed a good strong marriage and keeps a wonderful garden! We are glad you found your ring, if nothing else, as a reminder of the wonderful years you had with your wife!

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