This Man Lost an Incredible 425 Pounds Listening to Taylor Swift’s Music

Everybody listens to music for different reasons. Some to motivate, some because they just like it, and some because they really enjoy the artist. For this one man, Taylor Swift’s music helped him lose a whopping 425 pounds!

Ronnie Brower is a 30 year old man who has lost over 50% of his body weight listening to Taylor Swift and working out with a couple of trainers. His original weight was almost 700 pounds, and he is down to 250 after only 2 years. He has done this with the help of his friend Joe Bufano (who also used to be his high school history teacher), and his trainers who helped using Taylor Swift as their soundtrack.

The 6’1 man struggled with alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and his morbid obesity which led to him losing his job. He even went through a period where he wouldn’t leave his own apartment. His friend Bufano saw his posts on Facebook and decided to reach out and try to help his former student, seeing that it appeared that Brower was really struggling. He even believed that Brower’s weight gain was a “cry for help.” That’s when he stepped in, and even got him in touch with his trainers Nick and Jill. Together, they helped Brower lose the weight and get on with his life.

Now, Brower is extremely active and says that he doesn’t stay in his house very much, which is different than he used to be, especially when he wouldn’t even leave his apartment.

Brower said that Taylor Swift’s music was the only thing that could help him get energy and motivate him when he was in the darkest parts of his life. That’s what helped him when he struggled along those two years of weight loss.

As a reward for all of his hard work, Brower and Burano were going to the 1989 Taylor Swift concert in June. They posted a video of Brower’s weight loss change, an 8 minute compilation video with background music by Taylor Swift. The video went viral, with nearly 2 million views and even a twitter hashtag #Ronnieweightloss.

What an inspiring story!

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