This Lynx Turns Into The Purrfect Kitty When You Pet It

Some cats like to be petted. Well, probably all cats like to be petted, but it has to be on their own schedule. While some house cats may have quirky personalities that require some getting used to, eventually they usually come to their owner expecting a good back rub and enjoying every second of it.

Well, it appears that this may also be true for big cats. This one lynx definitely enjoys getting petted!

His name is Max the Lynx, and he is an educational ambassador for people to get to know wild animals. His handler is Bernie, but is most well known as “Wildlife Bernie” as she is seen on her youtube channel and blog. They live in Canada with a host of other wild animals that have either been too tamed to return to the wild, or were rescued from not-so-good environments where they were mistreated or were bred in captivity and therefore cannot return to the wild.

These wild creatures are all semi-domesticated, but still cannot be considered pets. Although Max the lynx does enjoy a good back or belly rubbing upon the occasion. There are even videos of him showing how much he enjoys getting petted with his big purrs! Bernie makes it a point to show videos of Max in his habitat along with his educational “outings” where he goes on a leash to be seen by other people outside of his home. Bernie is a wildlife activist, very dedicated to her mission of educating people about these wild creatures.

But at the end of the day, it seems that even the bigger cats enjoy being rubbed!

Watch the cute video of Max the lynx below!

Check out her other creatures and all the videos of Max at Bernie’s Youtube Channel here.

Photos: Youtube