This Little Girl was Lost in the Woods, Her Family Dog Protected Her

There’s nothing more terrifying as a parent than to lose your child. Especially if your child is lost in the middle of the winter in the woods. Which is exactly what happened to the poor parents of Victoria Bensch, a three year old who was lost in the woods for almost 15 hours before Search and Rescue were able to find her.


They believe that Victoria somehow slipped out of the house, looking for their family dog who she couldn’t find. She went out into the backyard, climbed the fence, and then proceeded to walk into the woods to try and find the beloved pet. She quickly became lost, and it was feared that she would not survive the night because it was so cold.

When they finally found the girl 15 hours later, she was found with their family dog, Blue! Blue was being so protective of the child that Search and Rescue couldn’t even approach the young girl until the girl told Blue it was ok. When baby Victoria started laughing and acting happy to see the people was when Blue finally relaxed. While Victoria suffered a minor case of frostbite, she was otherwise completely intact and ok.


It is thought that the dog found the girl, realized that she was lost, and stayed with her throughout the ordeal. The family completely gives the credit of Victoria’s survival to the dog. Blue curled up with Victoria, keeping her warm, alert, and safe from any other predators that could have happened across their path. The sweet dog wanted to keep his human safe until they were both found.

What an awesome and incredible story! Pets can always do the craziest and sweetest things! Way to go, Blue! And we are so glad that you are okay, Victoria!

Watch the video below!

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Photos: CNN, Today