This Little Boy Lied to His Teacher So He Didn’t Have to Be Bullied on the Bus

All kids experience bullying from time to time. Unfortunately in some cases, it turns out to be more than the kid can handle. And without proper help, it can turn into a serious problem.

For this one five year old in Houma, Louisiana, it turned out to be too much. Poor Kenneth Hotard was found walking along a very busy road alone. He was also walking in the wrong direction from his home.

Kenneth had told his substitute teacher that his mother had given him a note saying that he could walk home from school instead of riding the bus. He had been having a hard time dealing with the kids “throwing spitballs” at him on the bus.

Kenneth’s mother Kathleen was very confused and very concerned when her son did not come off the bus like he usually did. That’s when the bus driver told her that her son had never gotten on the bus at all. That’s when she became extremely worried.

Kenneth told his mom that the kids throwing spitballs land in his ear. He was very upset about it and dreaded getting on the bus. When Kathleen called the school and they told her that he had said he had a note, she was very upset that they didn’t actually check for the note. She said that she hopes that there is some accountability for the school because of what happened.

Kenneth was found after someone saw him walking along the road and called the police, and Kathleen had informed them of what was happening. They went and picked Kenneth up, and he was a mile and a half in the wrong direction.

Poor Kenneth, we are very glad that you are safe at home!

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Photos: WWL News