This Little Boy is Trying to Save a Stray Dog by Selling His Favorite Possession

When it comes to children and their pets, there is no doubt that they love them. Even if an animal isn’t a child’s pet yet, there can be this unmistakeable and undeniable connection that leads the child to do things completely out of character in order to care for it. Pets are a really big responsibility, and when kids make a sacrifice in order to have one, you know that they are serious about taking care of it.

Mauco Abeiro found a stray dog outside while playing with his younger brother, and was appalled to see that it had a broken leg. He knew that he needed to help the animal, so he took the dog and carried it home with him. Once he got the dog home, he was devastated when his mom told him that they simply didn’t have the money to care for the dog, especially to get his leg fixed.


That’s when Mauco came up with the idea to sell his skateboard to pay for the dog. Lauro, Mauco’s mom, was surprised when her son came home from school one day a few days later to say that he was going to sell his skateboard to pay for the vet care for the animal. Laura then let Mauco put a post on Facebook to help him get the word out that he was selling his skateboard. The post said, “Hi, I’m Mauco, Laura’s son. She lent me her Facebook because I don’t have one. Look at this puppy. I found him in the street. He is sick and has a broken leg. I fed him and gave him a bath, but he needs treatment. I’m selling my skateboard to take him to the vet. If anyone is interested in the skateboard, leave your number here so my mom can call you. Thank you, Mauco.”


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From the moment the post went on Facebook, it quickly went viral. It was liked over 8,000 times. Instead of people buying little Mauco’s skateboard, they began to send him donations to help with his dog’s vet care. He ended up being able to save his friend and keep his favorite toy as well! How sweet! Now, Rocco, which is what Mauco decided to name the dog, is out and about, playing and running with his favorite little boy, who was willing to give up the only thing he had to take care of him.


Sweet Mauco, we’re so glad you got to keep your skateboard and care for Rocco too! You deserved it!

Photos: Facebook