This Lady Just Turned 117, and is the Last Person to Be Alive from the 19th Century!

Emma Morano is currently the only person in the entire world that is alive from the 19th century. That means that she was born during the 1800s! Emma was born in 1899, and now currently lives in Italy. She is the oldest person in the world on record! She enjoyed the wonderful day celebrating with those who care for her – in her home in Verbania.


According to Ms. Morano, the secret to living a long life is in eggs. When she was 20 years old, she had a doctor tell her that because of her anemia, she needed to eat three eggs a day. 2 raw eggs and 1 cooked egg. Since then, she has stuck to the regimen. She eats very little fruits and vegetables, and usually  eats chicken for dinner. She’ll eat her raw eggs in the morning, a 1 egg omelet for lunch, and then chicken. But now, apparently, according to Dr. Bava (who has been her doctor for nearly 30 years), she is trying to not eat as much meat because someone told Ms. Morano that it could cause cancer. But Emma also loves to eat cookies!


Because of Ms. Morano’s age, she has a difficult time hearing and seeing, so she likes to spend her time “sleeping or snacking.” She also doesn’t eat very much because she has no teeth! Emma grew up the oldest of eight children, and she has outlived all of her siblings. Her only son died in infancy, and she left her husband in 1938 after he became violent. She would work in a factory, living alone, making jute sacks as her means of supporting herself. She refused to give up her independence, and was only forced to get a full-time caregiver last year when she became bed bound. She has not left her apartment for the last 20 years – staying inside the 2 room small area.


While Emma’s mind is very alert and she’s still completely oriented, her problems with hearing, sight, and having no teeth don’t make her life any easier. But she is very proud of her accomplishment and getting the Guiness Book of Record’s award for being the oldest woman alive. She displays it proudly in her apartment.

How awesome! Guess we all better start eating our eggs!

Photos: Getty Images