This Hunter Ends Up Making a Deer Friend

When hunters go to their stands, they are going with the intent to find a piece of game to kill and bring home with them. They are definitely not expecting to go there and… make friends with the deer?!

Jordan Maxon is a deer hunter from New Richmond who was just out on what he thought was a normal hunting excursion, when things took a turn for the bizarre. He was setting up a new stand in a new location because he had noticed that there had been a lot of bucks wandering around that area recently. That’s when he noticed he was being trailed by an unexpected guest. The buck was about 70 yards away from him when he began making the necessary arrangements to set up the deer stand. After he had finished, he noticed the buck was still standing there watching him. So he waited, to try and see when the buck was going to decide to leave.

After 5 minutes, it still hadn’t. That’s when he took out his camera and began filming. He was planning on shooting the video of the deer watching him to show his buddies later on. He never expected to continue to have an even more complex interaction with the deer! As he stood there, the deer began to come even closer to him. Eventually, the buck was actually close enough to him that Jordan could reach out his hand to pat the deer’s head! Which he did! All the while catching it on video. He said that he has never seen anything like it in his 22 combined years of hunting experience.

What a cool encounter! Watch the video below!

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