This Grandpa Saved a Beer for 32 years.. Waiting for the Cubs to Win

I’m sure this man did not think it would take 32 years for him to be able to open the beer that he vowed to save in 1984 when the Cubs lost the World Series. On that day, October 7, 1984, this grandfather vowed that he would not open that Coors beer until the Cubs did win the world series. Who would have thought that it would take 32 years for that to happen?

I’m more impressed by the fact that the beer actually did stay in the refrigerator for all of those years! It would have been lost quickly in my house. But you can even see from the label that it’s an old Coors, because it doesn’t look like the current cans of the famous beer.

Thankfully, the man did not actually drink the beer. But I’m sure that popping the top on that beer that he had saved for so long for that specific moment was more than enough satisfaction (and I’m sure there was beer that wasn’t almost antique somewhere in the house). Popping the top and pouring out the “Cubs World Series beer” is such an interesting and fun way to celebrate what has been a 32 year old curse finally being lifted. What has long tested the faith and the dedication of the fans of this baseball team has finally ended. The drought, the curse, whatever you choose to call it, has been lifted and baseball can be allowed to thrive once again.

There’s something to be said about the dedication of Cubs fans to their franchise. Watch the fun video of the beer being opened below!

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