This Father-Daughter Duo Takes the Dance Floor by Storm

The father-daughter dance at the reception is a big moment. It’s almost like the “final farewell” as the father says goodbye to his daughter being his responsibility, giving her to her new husband’s care. Usually this dance is a traditional waltz or foxtrot, or even just the gentle sway back and forth with no real name for those who aren’t dancing inclined.

This was not the case for Mikayla Ellison and her father, Nate. Although the beginning of the dance was the expected traditional, it was quickly followed by a choreographed routine that is fit to be remembered for years to come. Mikayla went to BYU where she met her husband, Cody. She was also part of the folk-dancing team at her university.

But her dancing skills didn’t stem from nowhere. Her dad (who also likes to be known as “Nate-Daddy”) also has some unexpected dance moves of his own. After the traditional beginning, the duo decided to go through an evolution of dance for the crowd to enjoy, including renditions of Hammer Time, the Carlton, and even a glimpse of an old N’Sync throwback (“Bye, bye, bye,” anyone?). Even the DJ enjoyed the display of dance skills, saying loud enough for everyone to hear that he hopes somebody records it so the routine can be seen on youtube later.

Mikayla is the oldest of her siblings and is the only girl. For years her father talked about how he wanted to have fun with their father-daughter dance, and even started planning it long before Cody came along. Cody and Mikayla met as dance partners on the International Folk Dance Ensemble. Although it was apparently slightly “stressful” to be rehearsing this intricate dance with her dad, Mikayla says she is glad that she did in order to let her dad have his dream.

Watch the hilarious video below!

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Photos: ABC