Elephant Steps On Sprinkler and Turns It Into This…


They say an elephant never forgets. I say I’ll never forget adorable elephant, and this joyful, energetic. Her name is Faa Sai and she resides at Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand. The Park is a rehabilitation and rescue center which allows tourists and visitors to offer and help with the tons of creatures that currently call it home. Besides elephants, the nature park cares for cats, dogs, buffaloes and a number of other creatures.

Faa Sai was saved and ever since her life has changed profoundly for the better. She roams among the many herds and is a constantly interested of new things. She adores only to see including every one of the infant elephants, where she softly watches over and cares for each one, and checks in on them. She really has come quite a distance from her violent history and her spirit glows with enjoyment, happiness, and love.

In this video you’ll be able to see her cool off and play using a sprinkler. In the beginning shes happy to simply love the water that is running, as she shoves her foot over it making rainbows with the spray and mist. Bu after several minutes she determines to change it up. Thats when she takes her enormous feet and trunk that is strong and uses them to break the sprinkler! Her attempts cause the water pressure to get powerful and brown, murky water gushes forth even quicker and more challenging than before. Faa Sai looks rather pleased with her sprinkler changes and she’s a fountain

My favourite part is towards the end when she appears to be basking in the water as she shoves her head into it. What a pleasant and memorable confrontation to see, see the clip to really appreciate it.

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