This Dog Waited for His Flight Attendant Friend Outside Her Hotel So Often She Ended Up Adopting Him

Dogs are the best. They love unconditionally, and don’t care how long it takes to receive that love back. When they finally connect with someone, that bond is unshakeable.

Olivia Sievers is a flight attendant based in Germany. She makes frequent trips to Buenos Aires as part of her job, and during one trip she met a dog. The dog really took to her for no apparent reason, but she let him follow her around throughout the town for the day. She didn’t want the dog to become attached, so she tried to shake him. After a few hours of no luck shaking him, she finally caved and began to play with the dog and even fed him.

She eventually left the town after her assignment was over, but she returned later.  The dog was there, waiting for her at the hotel where she had been before! This quickly became a habit, and every time she would come back to the hotel on an assignment, her furry friend was always there to greet her. Eventually, she named the dog Rubio.

After many trips and successful meetings with Rubio, Sievers eventually decided she would make their friendship permanent and decided she would adopt him! She ended up taking him to her permanent residence in Germany to live the life of a Sievers, along with her two other dogs.

Rubio is now living the life, and always gets to look forward to his friend coming back to him. And he even got two new friends and a home to call his own.

Watch the video below!

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