This Dog Likes to Tell His Owner that He’s Hungry By Handing Him the Bowl! Watch!

The video below is a hilarious example of what makes animals just so wonderful. Animals can come up with the funniest little quirks, and not to mention the funniest little habits to get their owner’s attention. They create their own language with those who love them, so that when they do something, it is obvious what they want/want they need.

This dog is the perfect example. Whenever he gets hungry (or thinks it’s time to eat), he will grab his bowl and bring it to his owner! The owner (and the internet) think it’s absolutely hilarious. He just picks up the bowl and brings it, then carries it around for a while after getting his owner’s attention, until he finally puts it down to be filled.

He then even walks over to the pantry to stare at the dog food, making it absolutely certain that there is no question about what he wants! The entire video is absolutely hilarious, and it’s no wonder that it is going absolutely viral right now.


What a cute and sweet animal! It would be nice if all dogs could just bring the bowl to their owner when they are hungry, instead of whining or barking at people. This is a simple, yet straight forward, example of how smart dogs are!

Watch the hilariously sweet video below!

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