This Dog Cannot Stand it When Her Dad Kisses the New Baby!

Yoga is a Vizsla who has been the pride and joy of her family since she was rescued. Used to being the center of attention, she wasn’t quite ready to give it up. Nor did she even really know that she was going to have to give it up! She was used to getting all of her parent’s kisses, and that is not something she is quite ready to share.

Recently, her parents had a baby! (Congratulations, parents!) And Yoga hasn’t been sure of what’s going on. The time that they used to spend walking, playing, and spending time with Yoga has now gone to the new baby, and Yoga, while taking it somewhat in stride, is still struggling with sharing all of the attention with the new “thing” in the house.


Yoga knew that something was going to be different, because her mother’s stomach kept growing and growing, and they set up an entirely new room for some bizarre reason, but being the dog that she is, she had no idea that they were going to soon be bringing a sibling into the house. And a screaming, attention seeking one at that!

When Yoga’s dad goes to give the new baby kisses, she can’t help but try and steal them! She leans in to remind her dad that she’s still there, and she still wants his kisses too! But she quickly sits back up with him after he’s kissed the baby! This goes on for multiple kisses, and thankfully her dad is understanding and Yoga is very gentle around the new small human!

Watch the incredible video below!

Photos: Daily Mail