This Dog Appeared Lifeless, Until Rescuers Approached Her

Norah was an animal that did not want human contact. She had been elusive for weeks and weeks. The rescuers at Take Me Home Pet Rescue had been tracking her and trying to catch this elusive creature for months as she prowled from side to side on busy Texas Highways.

They were really worried she may be hit before they could catch her. Finally, after tracking her and watching her and attempting to trap her for weeks, they were shocked to see her laying lifeless in a field. They thought that maybe the worst had happened, before she raised her head.


They had finally caught her! But the story grew quickly more complicated when they saw how quickly this poor dog had lost weight, and how much weight she had already lost. When they took her to their shelter, it was discovered that she had just given birth to puppies! So then, the search was on to find the missing pups.

This intelligent and sweet creature had successfully birthed the puppies only days before her capture, giving birth to 9 little baby puppies. She had then had the intelligence to hide them in bushes – and you will never guess where the bushes were. Outside a church! The United House of Prayer, to be exact.

Rekka, who works with the Take Me Home Pet Rescue, is now fostering this sweet momma dog and her babies. She is doing much better, putting on weight, and actually bonding with her puppies! Unlike their life before, she now likes to run around with the puppies and play, enjoying this freedom and care that she has never experienced before.

We are so happy for you, Norah!

Watch the too cute video below.

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