This Disney Proposal was Made Even Sweeter – See the Surprise Ending

I think it may be any Disney lover’s dream to be proposed to at Disney World. In the “Most Magical Place on Earth” there has to be special magic for those that are young and in love. With the resources to make the most amazing proposal, surrounded by princesses and characters that are known throughout the world for making people happy, it’s an equation for success from the beginning.

In 2012, Clifton just knew that his girlfriend was the one. He described her as “a huge Disney fan” and even stated that throughout the lengths of their relationship, she had turned him into a Disney fanatic as well. When he began to develop his plan for his proposal, he knew that there would be no better place than Cinderella’s castle in Disney world.

He then began putting it all together. He convinced his parents to take a vacation to Disney World, taking his girlfriend with him. He even talked to her parents, let them know what he was planning, and invited them to be there for the special moment – all without letting his girlfriend know! I’m not sure I could’ve kept that big of a secret, personally!

When the time came to pop the question, Clifton made sure that he was in the right position, had a photographer and a videographer to capture the special moment, and then got down on one knee. His girlfriend, meanwhile, had no idea that her parents were across the lake, secretly watching from afar!

When she told him that she would be his wife, the first thing she wanted to do was call her parents to let them know what happened. She called them and was shocked when they said they already knew! That’s when she was told to turn around, and she saw her parents standing there! She was so overcome with emotion that she fell to the ground in tears.

Watch the emotional video below!

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