This Dedicated Woman Bought an Entire Animal Shelter in Another Country to Save 250 Dogs

Dog Tales rescue in King City, Canada, is giving a new name to dog shelters. With the sprawling 50 acres with walking trails, large fenced-in fields, and even therapy pools for the dogs. The dogs are walked a whopping 8 times a day! The originators of this awesome spa-like shelter is married couple Danielle Eden and Rob Scheinberg. The focus of the shelter is to rehabilitate elderly, abused, and even disabled dogs – the ones that are usually the last ones to find homes.

The couple makes a habit of visiting needy dogs around the world, because they do not want any dog to experience not having a loving home. Earlier this year the couple visited Israel – where Danielle saw a shelter that broke her heart. Motivated by the 250 animals that were in this shelter about to be euthanized, she decided to do something about it. The couple is actually from Israel and have four dogs that they already have adopted from there. It has a pretty large significance for the couple.

Usually Danielle will find 10-20 dogs that are in need of serious medical attention and TLC and decide to bring them back home with her to the Dog Tales shelter. Danielle decided she would just buy the entire shelter. She brought in veterinarians because the dogs were so poorly cared for, and even hired crews to come in and clean and care for the animals. There were 25 animals that were healthy enough to make the trip back to Canada with Danielle, so she took those that she could home with her.

It took over a month to finalize the purchase and transfer of the shelter to Danielle, during that time was when she hired her crews. 90 dogs were then found homes within Israel to shelters that Danielle trusted and had visited in the past, and the goal is to bring the remaining 150 dogs back to the Dog Tales reservation. 25 dogs have already been adopted from the shelter!

Overall, it’s a happy turnout for the poor animals that were so mistreated in the past.

Photo: CNN