This “Daddy-Daughter” Relationship May Lack the Blood, but Doesn’t Lack the Love

There are many things that make a person a dad. Not a single one of those ingredients include blood. Those who choose to care for children as their own despite the lack of a biological connection, are the true heroes of families. It takes a lot of things to be a dad, but not anything besides biology to be a father. 15281993_832456973561030_1219424016_n

Josalen is a toddler who loves her daddy more than anything else. She is a total daddy’s girl, and you would never believe from their relationship that they are anything but daddy and daughter. But Shane Smith is actually not the biological father of Josalen. He is simply the husband of her mother, Karisa Smith, and has been the one that’s been taking care of her as a father since she can remember. Karisa and Shane have been together since Josalen was only 9 months old. She is now 3, and she loves Shane as her daddy because that’s who he is. There is no use of the word “stepfather” or any indication that he is anything but her daddy.

And that’s just the way Shane wants it. When he fell in love with Karisa, he fell in love with Josalen too. Shane had his own little girl when he and Karisa were married, so coming into the marriage were two single parents that loved the person and the child that they were marrying. They then had their own daughter together. Shane’s daughter is named Alyssa, and she is the oldest. Then comes Josalen, and then the newest little addition by the name of Harleigh. You would never know that they were a blended family, because they all love each other as family, with no regards to blood status.


Recently the family noticed that Josalen was the only one that didn’t have “Smith” as a last name – and they are now going to change that. Shane is officially going to adopt Josalen, and she couldn’t be happier. She’s been so excited about her “new name” that she’s been practicing it nonstop, to the complete enjoyment of her dad Shane. The daddy-daughter duo that has loved each other from the start, will now share a court-legal name change, when she “officially” becomes a Smith.

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