This Couple That Couldn’t Conceive Adopted 4 Children in 24 hours

Unfortunately, it is a sad reality that there are many people today that are unable to have their own children. Thankfully there are different options such as adoption and even in vitro fertilization which gives these couples an alternative.

Jeremy and Kaley Carling were one such couple. After being unable to conceive due to Kaley’s lupus medications and other health related issues, the couple decided to turn to adoption. However, this too was a struggle. They found one birth mom that they became attached to, and were at one point taking care of the mom and her two year old little boy she had previously. Kaley went to every doctor’s appointment and became a great support system for this birth mom, but when it came time for delivery, the woman changed her mind.

“Baby girl” as the Carling’s called her, was born in July. In August of that same year – merely a month after the birth of what they thought would become their own daughter – the birth mother was arrested for sex trafficking. The Carlings then petitioned to take custody of the new baby girl along with the two year old boy, but a family member stepped in and took custody. Not too long after that, the baby and the relative were both murdered.

The same day that the Carlings were notified that the birth mother of their original planned adoption was arrested, they were also called and told that there were two little girls, biological sisters, that needed to be fostered. Their names were Haven and Indie, who were 2 and 1, respectively. The Carlings accepted gladly. Later that same day, they received another call that there was a birth mother who wanted to relinquish her twin baby girls to the Carlings. That’s when they did something nobody expected: they agreed to take the twins as well!


So this family of two went from two to six within twenty four hours. On October 19 and 20th, all four daughters were adopted by their new parents, making the ties permanent.


What an awesome story!

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