This Couple Shows Us True Love – Even Through a Divorce

Sometimes, love isn’t enough to keep a marriage alive. But it doesn’t mean that the marriage has to end terribly either. For this one couple, the way they handled their divorce only solidified their status as “relationship goals” for their own daughter.

Morgan Lynn’s parents decided that they needed to get divorced after 19 years of marriage. Despite the loss of the marriage, the way the couple handled it with class and love. Morgan took to twitter to show how it was handled on the day that the divorce was finalized.

On the day of the finalized divorce, she wasn’t expecting anything to happen, but suddenly there were flowers delivered to her mom. They were from her dad, along with a note that simply said, “Always gonna be you.” I mean, how sweet can you get?!

Apparently her dad had a tradition of sending her mom flowers when she had a bad day. Knowing that it was going to be a hard day for her, even though their marriage was over, he sent the flowers anyway. They were always her favorite flowers, pink star lilies in a small bowl. The arrangement was beautiful and heartfelt. It made their own daughter weep when she saw it. She said it “breaks my  heart.”

His thoughtful gesture was enough to make the Twitter post go viral – showing that everyone needs to see some true love every once in a while. pay-divorce_flowers_dn01

Photo: Twitter