This City Used an Abandoned School to Make Apartments for Veterans

The city of Philadelphia (or “Brotherly Love”) has created a huge dent in the homeless veteran population by creating homes for nearly 1500 homeless veterans. And they are just getting started. They are planning on tackling a project that has been talked about for many, many years.

The Spring Garden School has stood abandoned for more than 40 years, although it has been made a historic landmark by the city. Instead of tearing it down, they decided that it could serve a much better purpose as a reconstructed home for veterans, and it will become an affordable housing complex, with 37 total units. But 12 of these units will be specifically aimed at homeless veterans.

This is being done by the organization known as HELP USA, which has been creating homes for different populations for many years. some of these populations include homeless people, homeless veterans, those with mental health conditions, those with HIV, and many others. The hoped budget is a hefty $14.5 million, with almost $14 million already completely secured. The building as it is, is considered very dangerous and needs a lot of work to get it into a livable condition. They also hope to include a lot of different in house services which include counseling, healthcare, employment help, and even some youth mentoring programs.

It is hoped that the project will be completed by the summer of 2017, and the first residents should begin to arrive by the end of 2017. While they have done a great job in eradicating homeless veterans throughout the city, they are determined to continue to help underserved populations, and eventually spread to other areas in the US to help end this homelessness in all of America.

This sounds like an awesome project and an awesome organization. Homeless veterans are a sad site in this country that they fought so hard for.

Watch the video below!

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Photo: AWM