This Can’t Stand to Leave Her Owner – Even in Death

In Central Java, Indonesia, this cat can’t stand to be away from her owner, even when her owner has died. The cat was found after passerby heard her crying over owner’s burial site – sleeping in the dirt. Many people have tried to adopt the cat and continue to give it food and water, but she always returns to the grave of her owner, snuggling the tombstone and laying in the dirt.


It was noticed by Keli Keningau Prayitno, a 28 year old father of one that wanted to adopt the cat. He even took the sweet cat home with him to adopt her, but she quickly slipped away and back to the grave. 


It was noticed that the cat would disappear for a few hours from the grave. That’s when they realized that the cat would return to its former home. She was then fed by her owner’s grandchildren. But she quickly returns to the grave after eating.

Her former owner was named Kundari, who was an old woman in the community. Even a year later, the cat has been seen laying on the grave of her former owner, meowing sadly. People in the community still continue to bring the cat food and water. There’s no telling how long the cat will remain at her owners grave.

Sweet cat, it’s amazing how attached animals can get to their owners. It’s very true that not only are dogs man best friend, but it appears all pets can be.

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Photos: Keli Prayitno