This Boy Wanted Cops at His Thanksgiving Dinner, so He Called 911!

911 is saved for emergencies only. Not that there aren’t plenty of calls that are fielded by the dispatchers that aren’t emergencies. But none will probably ever beat this call.

Billy Nolin is a 5 year old living in Florida. When he woke that morning, he called 911 to ask for the deputies to come eat Thanksgiving dinner with them! His short message was simple: “Will you come over because we are having Thanksgiving. Thank you, bye.” His message was fielded by the operator, but he hung up before he could get a response. Afterwards, he admitted to his mom what he had done.


While his mother was not very happy her son had called 911 for something that wasn’t an emergency, she couldn’t be too angry with Billy’s sweet heart. Instead, Lani simply told him that he can’t use that number for something that isn’t an emergency.

Two deputies got wind of the phone call from Billy, and decided to go and pay the boy a visit. They thanked him for his kind offer for them to join the Thanksgiving meal! Damon Byrd and Aaron Etheridge were the two deputies that decided to answer the call. As soon as they arrived, Billy began to cry because he was worried he would be in trouble! He thought the cops were going to arrest him! Instead, when they thanked Billy for the offer, and told him they thought it was very sweet of him to invite them! They even let him sit in the patrol car. 


After the two deputies left, Lani posted on the sheriff’s Department Facebook page and told them that Billy had told her he wanted to be a police officer, so that he could do for other boys what those two deputies did for him! The kindness of two police officers may have changed the life of this little boy, simply by showing up.

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