This Bird’s Rendition of “Chandelier” is Better than the Original, LOL

If you listen to the radio at all, I’m sure you’ve heard the song “Chandelier” by Sia. It topped the charts in 2014, and since then has been a hit in multiple parodies and covers. But this is probably the first time it’s been done by a bird.

That’s right. This parrot has picked up the tune and decided it wants to sing the song, with his owner recording it. It has since gone viral on the internet. The green parrot simply can’t get enough of the “1,2,3-1,2,3, drink” as well as other parts of the lyrics. It’s pretty catchy, and overall, very cute.


You’d never guess that a parrot could catch a melody the way this one did. As it sings, it not only has the lyrics (or parts of them, anyway) down, it also has the melody and pitch changes down! The rendition is pretty entertaining, to say the least. The best part is the “1,2,3,-1,2,3, drink” because it sounds almost exactly like the original song. This parrot owner may have the next talented musician on his hands, who knows!

There’s no denying that this parrot is having fun, and has a talent for picking up and singing songs!

Watch the hilarious and awesome video of our feathered friend below.

Photos: Nathan Lopez Facebook