This Bear Lost All of Her Fur after Being Abused for 20 Years – Now She’s Living the Life and Relaxing

A lot of animals can actually shed their fur if they are in an unhealthy environment. Whether it’s from nutrient deficiencies or from stress, the result can be that not only do they lose their fur, but it won’t even grow back.


In 2015, Animal Defenders International rescued a bear known as Cholita. She had been cruelly abused by her owners for nearly 20 years, and she was even mutilated. They cut off her toes! She had lived shortly before the circus in Peru had gotten her – a mere 5 years. So at 25 years old, she lost very close to all of her fur, and she got to the point where she didn’t even really look like a bear anymore.


Cholita had been kept in a tiny cage without any friends or companions. The circus even had her teeth filed down, meaning without her claws or her teeth to protect her, she was defenseless and living a terrified life. She had breathing problems and arthritis, meaning her existence was one of not only fear and stress, but constant pain and misery. It took ADI months to slowly bring the bear back to life. They showered her with love, toys, and around the clock care in their rescue center near Lima, Peru.


When the story of Cholita’s life got out, the group was given an increased level of support that they had not had before, even leading to the point where they could build her a habitat for her own which even has a swimming pool and a cave! It will be on a reservation within the Amazon Cloud Forest, which is Cholita’s natural habitat.

During the three day trip to her new home, Cholita was given extra special treatment on the ride. She and multiple other animals were driven in a truck filled with supplies to their new home, where she was tucked into a straw bed with blankets to protect her against the cold, and they put her in an oxygen tent to help ease her into the higher altitude without putting extra pressure on her lungs!

Cholita will now be living a life of leisure, surrounded and cared for by people who love her.

Photos: Daily Express