This Baby was Found on the Streets in a Garbage bag, so They Gave Her a Second Life

Recently in India, there has been an absolute epidemic of babies being left in the streets. Dheeraj Srivastava saw that first hand very recently when he found a newborn baby girl in the streets, wrapped in a garbage bag. The poor baby had just been left to die, but was still breathing.

When Dheeraj called a baby hotline for help, he was met with the unimpressive explanation that the man was currently the only one in the office and therefore was unable to help the current situation. So Dheeraj took it a step further, and called the police. Thankfully, the police came to the poor baby’s aid, and took her to Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, where she was then taken to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. She is now being called “the hospital’s baby.”


When she was brought in, she was wrapped in a piece of cloth that a woman constable had found in order to keep her warm. Her blood sugar was low and she was slightly hypothermic, but there were no external injuries or any physical or birth abnormalities. She was otherwise a completely healthy baby that had just been abandoned.

The baby girl is eating healthily, has had all of her vaccinations, and appears to be in overall perfect health since she was rescued. In the few days that followed, when she was declared “fit for discharge,” the plan was to have a hearing before a child welfare committee to place her in an accredited welfare home.


The police would continue to look for her parents, but if they are not found within the time window, she will be up for adoption. Since the case has been made public, there have been over two dozen calls of families that want to adopt a baby or who are willing to support her by sending money for her.

What a tragic way to come into this world, but an awesome life may still be ahead of this sweet baby girl.

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