This Baby was Born with His Complete Amniotic Sac During Natural Birth

Only 1 in 80,000 babies are born in what is known as “en caul” – in which the water of the mother does not break, and the amniotic sac is completely intact.


Keely Kilmer is a 19 year old new mother who was shocked when her son made such a dramatic entrance into the world. The babies father, David Lewis, was also shocked. Keely went in around 12 pm to the birthing center, and David Toby was born around 1 pm. Keely opted for a natural childbirth in a birthing pool, and she even stated that she didn’t think the pain of childbirth was that bad! She had apparently been walking around the night before and earlier that day, encouraging the baby to come into the world.


There are some mystical and almost “magical” ideas of babies that are born en caul. It was thought during the times of the Roman empire that those who were born still in their sac were “destined for greatness” and could sometimes be expected to have “special powers” during medieval times. It is definitely something that is special considering the statistics and chances of having a baby born this way is so rare!


At the birth there were multiple people present, including the grandmother Jennifer Lewis, the great-grandmother Linda, and even a cousin named Cassie! (Not to mention the father of the child). Keely and David have been together for three years before the birth of their baby boy. Keely said that she didn’t mind having so many people present at the birth – because they have had their own children, it was apparently helpful to have them there for moral support.

David Toby is now 5 months old and completely thriving. The baby that was miraculously born in his amniotic sac (which had to be punctured in order to get him out) with his umbilical cord wrapped loosely around his neck is now growing some teeth and growing like a weed! He is a joy to his family.


You’re beautiful, David Toby! Good job, mom and dad!

Watch a video about the family below!

Photos: PA Real Life, DailyMail