This Baby was Born Twice – See How

Finding out that your unborn child has a potentially life-threatening disorder is a devastating blow for any pregnant mom. Margaret Boemer experienced just that when she went in for her 16 week ultrasound to find out that her baby had a tumor that could be potentially life threatening.


It is well known that any birth before 22 weeks of gestation is considered unviable. For Margaret Boemer, her doctors thankfully came up with an alternative option to potentially save her new baby girl, but in a way that no one could ever have expected.

They wanted to take the then 23 week gestation, 1 pound 3 oz baby, out of her mother’s womb to resect the tumor, and then replace her back into the uterus, sew it up, and then hopefully allow her to mature enough in utero to be born healthy later. The procedure took close to twenty minutes, and the baby’s heart rate plummeted to almost zero – but there were specialists there to keep her alive as the procedure progressed.

The procedure could have been pushed back until after birth – until they realized that the tumor was beginning to compete for the blood supply coming to the fetus, causing health deterioration and even leading towards heart failure. That was when the medical team decided that it was time to do the procedure – or they would lose the baby in the waiting. Margaret was very nervous about the procedure, but she wanted to give baby Lynlee the best chance she could. Margaret had already lost one baby earlier in the pregnancy. Lynlee had originally been a twin.


Thankfully, the procedure went very smoothly and resulted in the baby’s tumor being removed and the baby being successfully placed back in utero. The baby was then able to stay in the womb for another 12 weeks before being born, putting her close to 37 weeks of gestation before her “second” birth date.


What an awesome procedure! We are happy for you Margaret, and wish you and Lynlee the best!

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