This App Can Sense and Tell You When You Have Skin Cancer

Science has made some extreme leaps and bounds over the past 10-20 years. There are now robots that can do surgery, tools that can tell the user how to use them, and now, apps that can help detect cancer. This app has recently changed the life of a woman living in New Zealand.

SkinVision is a new app that markets itself as able to tell the user the risk of skin cancer by scanning the area that the person is concerned about. It then gives the user a ranking of Low, Medium, or High risk of cancer.

Marie Stantiall, from Marton on New Zealand’s North Island, recently used the app for a spot on her leg. She was given a high risk of developing cancer in the area, so she went to her doctor. The doctor took a sample of the area and when it came back, it was a deadly form of melanoma.


Many people do not go to the doctor when they should, because they simply don’t know what high risk they have, or even if they should go to the doctor, or when something is ok to ignore or just to keep an eye on. This app helps with that. The app analyses photos of your skin, then uses “fractal geometry” to determine the risk of malignancy. The app outlines and takes the dimensions and the shape to try and see a pattern, which is then compares it to its database to see if it is similar to those that are malignant. Then it gives you your risk rating.


A high risk rating says that you need to get the area examined right away by a healthcare provider; a medium risk rating says that you need to keep an eye on it for growth or changes; a low risk rating says that it should be ok with no immediate action needed.

I know Mrs. Stantiall is thankful for the app after her encounter. Science is so amazing!

Photos: Dailymail