This Air Force Dad Likes to Practice Dance Moves with His Daughter

Dads are a special kind of person. They’ll do just about anything for their daughters. Even if it means dressing up like a princess, or learning how to do ballet.

Just ask Philip Curry. He is in the US Air Force working as an aircraft maintainer, when recently his daughter, Alison at her dance class in Norwich, UK. The entire hilarious experience was caught on camera by her mother, Jessica. On November 17, Alison brought her dad with her to her dance class as part of the dance school’s, “Bring a Family Member to Dance Day,” where the family members all learned a dance to the Cinderella song, “Bippity Boppity Boo.”


Philip went to the full extreme when he decided to join his daughter at the ballet class. He fully participated, which meant he even had a pink wand (which he twirled around with), and twirled his daughter around as well. While he did not have to wear a tutu or any other ballet garment, he rocked the entire class with a class white t-shirt and black sweatpants. He was completely unabashed at following the dance instructor’s instructions, doing plies and pirouettes like a real pro. Alison loved every second of it. In every picture taken, the young girl’s face is lit up by an unmistakeable smile that says how much she loves her daddy for doing this with her.


While many dads would probably be frightened (or even refuse) to go to a ballet class with their daughters, the good ones don’t. They fight through their embarrassment or fear of being laughed at, and do what they know they need to do in order to make their daughters happy. Philip definitely did that for his daughter Alison last month.

Watch the sweet video below!

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Photos: Caters News Agency