This Adorable Jack Russell Terrier Broke the Internet Dressed In His Sunday Best

During a routine drive-by, the Washington Police Department noticed something some movement beneath the bushes at a local park. Upon taking a closer look, they stumbled upon a Jack Russel Terrier, fully dressed head to toe. His neon green-colored sweater is creating quite the buzz around the internet.


Officers managed to catch the tiny animal and quickly admired his stylish outfit.

Almost instantly, the men could tell the fearful dog was hurt. Police officers hopped in the car to graciously rush the Jack Russel Terrier to the closest veterinarian’s office.


There was only one problem: they had no idea who the dog’s owner was. Resorting to their only option, the cops took to social media to find out.

With a hilariously funny tweet, the officers asked the question, “Is this your dog? Caught by Officer at Robinswood Park. Was wearing a sweater and blue pants, and very angry.”

The responses rolled in and the men received weren’t exactly sure what to think.


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“Of course he’s angry. That sweater doesn’t match those pants at all!,” a joking comment read.

” I saw that dog doing shots and talking loudly on his mobile phone…” another online user joked.

We hope he finds his family soon! If not, at least he’ll be fully dressed.