This 19 Year Old Foster Child Just Wants a Family for Her Birthday

Although most people can agree that birthdays are supposed to be happy, joyous occasions, there are those who don’t get to experience that kind of love and affection from a family. Natalie Carson is one such person. She has never had the familial experience of a birthday party, and she decided she would make this day different.

Natalie recently moved to Colorado because she knew that it was where she was born. AFter being passed around from foster home to foster home, she simply aged out of the foster care program, never actually getting adopted. The problem with not getting adopted before you turn 18 is that it essentially means you won’t ever get adopted, because at the age of 18 you are no longer in the foster care system. This also means, unfortunately, that those kids who have “aged out” don’t have the ability to ever get the family dynamic of “mother and father” that the other kids do.

Natalie got the idea from another girl who posted an ad similar to hers and decided to try it out for herself. The other girl asked to rent a family for the holidays. She decided to give herself the chance of getting a birthday experience with family. She is even willing to pay every member of the family $8 an hour. She says she doesn’t need money because she does work, but she just wants the companionship for the day. She has been talking to a couple of families, but has one family in particular that she is talking to about her big day.

Natalie, we wish you the best birthday you’ve ever had. We are sorry for your sad experiences.

Watch the video below!

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