These Teenagers Made Sure to Include Their Community’s Seniors in the High School Prom

One group of seniors revisit their glory days after teenagers plan a second prom.

Students at TERRA Environmental Research Institute in Miami, Florida visited the residents of a local nursing home. Palace Nursing and Rehab Center was covered with flowers, streamers, and balloons all to prepare for the senior prom.


That’s right, the elderly residents were dressed in their Sunday best, complete with corsages, and tiaras. The teenagers even brought their school’s mascot to encourage people to get out on the dance floor.

Debbie Horbvitz, the center’s activity director, thought this event might be a good opportunity for the younger teens to get to know their community’s oldest generations while at the same time letting the seniors experience some fun.

Residents were ecstatic to be up and moving on the dance floor

Residents were ecstatic to be up and moving on the dance floor

“People think that when you have an elderly person, they’re not capable of doing anything anymore, but they are,” Horbvitz said. “They might move at a slower pace, but you should see the joy on their faces.”

Residents of Palace Nursing and Rehab Center were ecstatic. The place hadn’t seen a celebration like this in years!

The king and queen themselves even received crowns

The king and queen themselves even received crowns

When it came time for the prom king and queen to be selected, the eldest earned the award. 101-year-old Eleanor Bessin claimed the title. She even showed pictures of her and her date at the senior prom more than 80 years ago.

In the end, the event was a success. The young crowd as well as the senior residents agreed another celebration was needed in the coming months.


“Teenagers don’t see wrinkles. They don’t see frailty,” Horvitz said. “They see someone new — someone they want to learn from. The elderly have so much knowledge to give to the students, and vice versa, the elderly need the young to bring the spirit.”

See the lively footage below as the residents begin to reminisce their glory days as teenagers.

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Source: Today Show