These Moms Thought They Were Warching A Saint’s Game and Never Expected Their Marine Sons To Appear

Two marines definitely pulled a home run, surprising their mothers at a St. Paul Saint’s baseball game.

The women simply thought they were enjoying an afternoon at CHS Field. They came prepared with peanuts, hot dogs, and a few local beers, completely oblivious to an upcoming surprise their sons planned.

St. Paul Saints

Their boys in blue thought up the creative guise of having their moms participate in the traditional (and unexpected) baseball competition known as “what’s in the bag?” The mothers were escorted onto the field as the ‘chosen players,’ and given a choice. They could either accept a gift card or choose to ‘look inside the mysterious bag.’

Making the wise decision, the women chose to explore the unseen option. They had no idea their marine sons were the prize hidden behind the wood panels. A massive round of applause erupted from the entire baseball stadium, as the cherry on top of the heartfelt surprise.


After the shocking reveal, the loving mothers rushed to the boys in uniform. Filled with smiles and tears of joy, the family members shared a long-overdue embrace. It’s safe to say, the reunion was absolutely worth the wait.

Check out the touching moment in the footage below!

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H/T: The Saint Paul Saints