These LoveBirds Finally Tied the Knot on Their Illegal Love – 65 Years Later

Davy Moakes and Helen Andre met and fell in love in 1951. Unfortunately, their parents didn’t want them to get married, so they didn’t. Helen’s family thought that Davy wasn’t likely able to provide for their daughter, so they refused to give them their blessing. Because of this, the couple decided to not go through with the wedding.


Davy and Helen both lost multiple spouses during their time apart, with Helen losing three husbands and Davy losing two. Thanks to social media and Helen’s daughter Debbie Williams, the two found each other again after 51 years apart. They are not “madly in love” once again, and even got married! While they did not have a large and lavish ceremony, they were surrounded by loved ones – Helen’s three children attended, along with other friends.

The two love birds then went on a honeymoon in Cyprus. According to the couple, all of their dreams came true by being with each other. Helen even remarked that she felt like a teenager again, and that she never stopped loving Davy.


Throughout the years, Helen and Davy had run into each other multiple times at various events, but because they were married and had children, and knew that they wouldn’t uproot their lives to be together, so they just went along their lives, always knowing that they did love each other. Davy proposed with a kiss, and their love was rekindled so many years later.

How awesome, to run again into your true love, even if you had to wait 51 years. Who would have thought that love could actually conquer time.

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