Unlikely Flower Girls Steal the Show, The Bride’s Reaction is Priceless

Josh and Maggie Wakefield wanted the perfect wedding ceremony. To them, this meant including the right people in the wedding party. Their choice for flower girls? Both of their grandmothers.

The couple share their wedding day with family and friends

The bride and groom, both extremely close to their grandparents, wanted to include them in their big day. They felt their older generations significantly impacted them as children and helped mold them into the adults they are today.

After brainstorming the best way to honor their grandmothers, they reached a decision. Josh and Maggie named the elderly women as the official flower girls of the wedding.

The couple's grandmothers played the parts of flower girls in their 70's

At 75, Joyce Benedict, the bride’s grandmother, accompanied 74-year-old Drue Fitzgerald, the groom’s grandmother, down the aisle. Both wore matching dresses and sprinkled white roses petals on the satin runner to the alter.

The entire event was filmed and will bring you to tears. Watch the moving footage below.

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Source: Today Show