The Rock’s Daughter Makes Us All Laugh with Her Reaction to Her Favorite Character

It appears that even celebrities’ children can’t handle it when their favorite characters makes an appearance into their life. It’s even better when the character is actually their parent(s) dressed up, just to give their child a little enjoyment.

Who would have thought that the Rock’s daughter would have a favorite character at only 10 months old? And who would have thought that the character would be Pikachu from Pokemon, of all things?

“The Rock” – Dwayne Johnson – is a fantastic father and super committed to making his daughter smile and laugh. Which means that he dressed up like Pikachu. But he had no idea what he was getting himself into when he decided to bring his daughter’s favorite character to life.

He comes out dressed as the Yellow creature, and then begins to dance. His daughter is absolutely ecstatic and entranced by the appearance of her favorite yellow Pokemon. When her father tries to stop dancing, she can’t stand it! She starts crying as soon as he stops. He quickly begins dancing again, completely unfazed by the fact that he may never be able to stop in he near future. He eventually makes a break for it and runs to the bathroom – where he is sweating and trying to catch his breath. He had no idea that his daughter would give him one of the greatest cardio workouts of his career!

One thing is for sure: Jasmine Johnson, you have a daddy that loves you and wants to make you happy, even if it means dressing up like Pikachu and dancing for extended periods of time. It doesn’t get much better than that. Johnson’s dedication to his daughter’s happiness is something every parent should strive for, and he shows us just the lengths that a good daddy will go to bring happiness to his little girl’s day.

Watch the hilarious and sweet video below.

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