The President and Michelle Hilariously Dance to Thriller

We have seen the current POTUS do a lot of hilarious and fun things, but this one may be one of the best ones. Barack and Michelle recently had fun with a lot of children dancing to Thriller. This was at the annual Halloween party that the Obamas have been throwing since 2008. They invite local children and military children to attend in costume and pass out candy.

The grounds of the White House were turned into all kinds of different adventures for the kids – some of these areas included references to The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, and many other childhood favorites. Sprinkled amongst these areas were plenty of areas to trick or treat for the kids.


When introducing their “performance” Barack told everyone he wasn’t sure how the dance was going to go, but they were going to try it anyway. And it was definitely a big hit! The kids loved it. There were many children there enjoying the performance and the trick or treating experience – including those who were dressed up like “miniature Obamas” and even a “lame duck!” This has been a nickname that Barack has been trying to get away from for the past 8 years, but he took it with grace and humor.


Although the Obamas may not have had the talent that MJ had for dancing, they enjoyed the experience and laughed throughout the entire dance. It was definitely one for the kids, and the kids definitely enjoyed it and even danced along!

Watch the entire video below!