The Inspiring Way this Special Education Teacher Spends the First 10 Minutes of Each Class

The bond between a teacher and a student is impressive. After all, they spend around 8 hours a day with each other! This special education teacher went the extra mile to make his students feel appreciated.

In Chris Ulmer’s classroom, the day starts off a little differently than most. The special education teacher starts with compliments. That’s right. One by one, he calls each of his eight student to his desk, spouting words of encouragement.


“I love having you in my class. I think you’re very funny. You’re a great soccer player. Everyone in here loves you,” Ulmer said to one of his students.
The Jacksonville, Florida educator said he first got the idea after seeing the defeated looks on his students’ faces. All of the children in Ulmer’s class happen to have special needs, either developmental or learning disabilities. He wanted to change his students’ way of  thinking, making sure they felt valued.

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“I consider it my job to reverse this psychological hardwiring and build up their esteem,” Ulmer said. “Simple reminders of their positive attributes shifts student focus from what they can’t do to what they can do.”

His simple 10-minute practice had a huge effect on the young kids. They went from hardly socializing to recognizing each others’ successes with high five’s and kind words.


“They praise each other for accomplishments as if it was their own,” he added. “They never insult one another and actively work towards helping each other.”

Chris Ulmer was speechless once their academic skills started to improve as well.

“…their communication skills have grown incredibly, both verbal and nonverbal,” Ulmer explained.

Luckily, the teacher has been able to teach the same eight kids, three years in a row. He’s managed to create a loving classroom that inspires his students to believe in themselves. The Florida resident says they have truly “evolved as a family” and continues to operate the classroom with one universal truth.

“Hate is a learned behavior,” Ulmer concluded. “Love is natural.”

Watch the inspiring teacher share a heartfelt moment with his students in the clip below.

Source: Inside Edition