Inspiring Moment 121 Southwest Passengers Come Together to Grant Dying Flight Attendant’s Last Wish

A devastating diagnosis forces a flight attendant to say goodbye. One man makes sure to grant the woman’s dying wish.


LouAnn Alexander dedicated her life to flying. It was her most beloved passion. After celebrating a 34-year long career with Southwest Airlines, the woman scheduled her last official trip as a senior flight attendant.


Sadly, her time was cut short by a devastating cancer diagnosis. The diseases moved quickly and spread throughout her body much sooner than expected. When the day arrived, LouAnn was far too weak to board flight 4463. She was forced to skip her final trip in the sky.

The woman’s brother, Rex, had booked a seat on the same flight to join in the celebration of his sister’s retirement. When LouAnn wasn’t given the proper goodbye the two planned on, he did everything he could to make her feel like she was there.


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His solution? A complete “play-by-play” of the entire flight. Rex knew he needed more material. He wanted to document more than just his experiences and enlisted the help of the passengers onboard in a tearful announcement.


“My sister, LouAnn, she was a flight attendant for Southwest,” he began. “She’s very, very ill. She never got a chance to say goodbye to the flying she loved.”

The entire plane accepted the invitation to give LouAnn a proper farewell. They created tories, took silly pictures, and wrote kind notes on the backs of cocktail napkins. The entire plane ride was condensed into a detailed storybook Rex would gift to LouAnn.

Still aboard the plane, Rex shared a tearful message to his beloved sister.

He begins, “With all of my love, the love of the five capable crew members, and the love of the 121 other passengers on this flight, this one is you LouAnn Alexander.”

Watch the video below to share in the final goodbyes of LouAnn’s last flight.

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Source: USA Today