The Heartwarming Moment A Woman Reunites with Family of Chipanzee She Rescued 25 Years Earlier

As a young graduate, one woman singlehandedly saved the lives of three chimpanzees. Curious to see if they remembered her, she returned in a surprise visit 25 years later.

Linda Koebner was passionate about all living creatures. Now an animal behaviorist, Dr. Koebner decided to take a drip down memory lane.


25 years prior, the woman was studying for her master’s degree, working with chimpanzees at Chimp Haven in Louisiana, a well known sanctuary. Dr. Koebner spent four years teaching the rescued animals how to survive on their own and live outside caged walls. Sadly, most of the chimpanzees were taken from research laboratories.


During her time in Louisiana, Dr. Koebner developed a strong connection with some of her first ‘subjects.’ Doll and Swing were a pair of primates rescued from a hepatitis testing facility as youngsters. Prior to their release, the frightened animals spent their entire lives, six long years, trapped in a cage.


Over two decades later, Dr. Koebner returned to visit the chimpanzees that stole her heart years prior. In their heartwarming reunion, it was clear the primates remembered the woman. More than that, they recognized an old buddy!

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