The Doggie Fence Windows Your Pet Wants to See In the Backyard By The End of the Week

As humans, we have the privilege of being able to come and go as we please. Our four-legged friends? Not so much. Trying his best as a dog owner, one man found a way to give his pup a view into the next yard over. He had no idea his custom designs would spark a phenomenon of crazed pet owners.

Ryan and his three yellow labs were the loudest (yet, most adorable) bunch on the block. When the new neighbors moved in, they too noticed the same thing. As it turned out, so were their pups. The families bonded over picnics, Sunday brunches, and late night BBQs while the dogs enjoyed a game of chase.

When the furry friends were separated, they resorted to their only option: running up and down the side of the fence between them. Ryan put a stop to the madness, placing a framed wire window at his pups’ height. It was genius. The dogs sat for afternoon chats about the weather, the new bones they’d recently received, or what had been flowing out of the garbage lately.

The pet owner’s idea spawned quite the collection of ‘doggie fence windows.’  To be honest, we love them as much as the dogs.

The ‘Classic’ Model:


The ‘DIY’ Version:


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