The 3 Minute Film About A Pup And His Human That Will Change The Way You See Life

This 3-minute cartoon clip of a pup and his human is causing quite the buzz on the internet. Titled “The Present,” the heartwarming footage illustrates one of the most important concepts of life: love and acceptance.

Playing video games in the living room, the teenage boy didn’t want to be bothered. He was even less thrilled to have his mother set a package in his line of sight and then quickly disappear.


Noticeably pretty agitated, the young man stopped his game to open the box. Picking up the adorable puppy that jumped out, the teenager noticed the dog only had three legs. The poor thing was missing his front left paw.

From that moment on, he refused to answer the pup’s bark, pet him, or even throw the red ball he’d found under the cabinet.

For some reason, seeing the little fur ball clumsily wander around the room and struggle to hold himself up, struck a nerve in the teenager (in a good way). He gave the dog a slight smirk and came up with the idea to play outside.


Right then and there is the moment it all comes together. As soon as the boy stood up, it’s pretty clear he shares a lot more with his new friend than he originally thought.

Let’s just say the three minutes are definitely worth it.

Source: Brightside