Yorkie Pup Loyally Waits for Owners Return-Sitting for 2 Days at Highway Rest Stop

The love between an owner and a pup is truly something special. This heartwarming story really proves it.

A truck driver was thrown into a whirlwind of panic when he realized his small furry friend, Rambo, wasn’t asleep in the back seat. On a Friday morning, during a trip from Missouri to North Dakota, Michael Siau stopped at a highway rest stop in Missouri. The trucker then drove all the way to Sioux City, Iowa before discovering his 9-month-old Yorkie was missing!


He quickly realized the only explanation was the curious pup had jumped out the window at the last stop…170 miles ago.

“I jumped back in the truck, put it in gear and drove off. And I just thought he was in the back asleep,” Siau said.

Sadly, Siau lost another Yorkie earlier that year after the pup was tragically run over. Afterward, the man requested bereavement leave for six months to recover from the devastation. He couldn’t handle the loss of another beloved pup. On the other hand, the truck driver knew his job would be jeopardized if he turned around. Schedules would be put off and customers would be angry.


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“I was in tears, sobbing,” Siau said after realizing his dilemma.

In quick thinking, Siau called the local animal control to spread the word and send out a search party. Two days after the Yorkie jumped out the window, the trucker finally reached the town’s animal officials. Tim Ledbetter was sent to the scene, and just in time too.

Ledbetter showed up to the rest stop just before a family adopted the ‘lost puppy.’ Rambo was still waiting, patiently sitting 48 hours after being separated from his owner.

“In about 60 seconds, he would have been gone,” Ledbetter said.


The good samaritan kindly took the pup to the local shelter where he awaited his master’s return. Their reunion was full of kisses and tears.

“Hey, Rambo,” Siau said. “Did you miss Daddy?”

The Yorkie immediately began to squirm and squeal with joy at the sight of his owner. Needless to say, the truck driver will frequently be checking the back seat for his four-legged friend.

Watch Rambo “drive” the semi-truck (with his owner, thank goodness) in the clip below.

Source: Dogington Post